Connecting the statewide community of video game makers, promoting growth and opportunity in Ohio.
OGDA Representives
An OGDA Representative is an official member of the Assocation from different geographic regions of Ohio with the following responsibilities:
  • To digitally promote other local game developers and events from your geographic region (on this site, social networks and elsewhere).
  • To encourage and mentor local aspiring game creators and direct them to helpful resources. This includes giving advice on starting and running local groups and events.
  • To spread the world about any regionally local game dev networking groups and the Ohio Game Dev Assocation.
Our Representative program will be kicking off soon, and we already have great candidates for the role in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Athens.

OGDA is a statewide framework that helps connect and assist local game dev clubs and meetups via our Representatives, who act as delegates, advocates, mentors and ambassadors of OGDA. In return, the Association provides marketing and resources to our Representatives' initiatives.

If you would like to become an OGDA Representative for your region, please contact us. We currently need candidates from Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Oxford, Toledo and any other Ohio towns with local game development interest. Many of you are group organizers or educators who are already serving your community in the above ways, and we'd love to have you as a member of OGDA!