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Latest Featured Update(s)

12/7/13 - Thanks to everyone that came out to the Ohio Game Dev Expo 2013! We had a great turnout and lots of great speakers and showcases. See you next year!

8/29/13 - 3 Ohio-made games have just been greenlit to be added on Steam: ForgeQuest by Central Ohio's Chase Grozdina, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator by Thom Robertson of Incandescent Workshop LLC from Cleveland/Akron, and Cook, Serve, Delicious! with art by Sara Gross of Cincinnati.

7/12/13 - Columbus - Central Ohio companies FreshGames and ClickShake Games worked together to create Escape the Titanic - Devious Escape Puzzler, now available to download for free on the iOS App Store! Featuring 50 unique puzzle levels and hours of game play.

Columbus / Central Ohio

FreshGames - Columbus casual game developer and publisher since 2002. Creators of Ranch Rush and Cubis franchises, as well as Escape the Titanic, ZenGems, Cake Pop Party, Word Mojo, FreatOut. Their games are featured on Yahoo, MSN, Pogo, Shockwave, Real & MSN, and available primarily on iOS, PC and Mac.
ClickShake Games - ClickShake develops 2D adventure and side-scrolling games, with over 10 game releases across the web, mobile and PC. Their first full-length, downloadable game Ballads of Reemus is a comical point and click adventure, winner of Best Story 2013 by Indie Prize at Casual Connect, and nominated for Best Writing - Comedy 2012 by They also developed Ugly Americans: Citizen Ugly for Comedy Central. Founded in 2010 by DeVry Columbus graduate Steve Castro, with Canadian Jay "Zeebarf" Ziebarth.
Sidebolt Studios, Inc. - This game dev studio has released at least 4 casino-style games for iOS and Mac since 2012, including Slots Explorer and Steam Poker. Their office is located in Dublin, OH.
  • Few Remain is a team of brothers Chris and Tyler Parkinson from Newark, with their first mobile platformer game Herd of Heroes out now. The game was created for Orrville, OH's Smith Dairy. Tyler previously created art for Zynga's Frontierville.
  • Detour Games - Based in Reynoldsburg, OH and Raleigh, NC, founded in 2010. Developer of mobile games.
  • Multivarious Games - Game studio under development in Columbus.
  • Pixels of Eight - Developer of Swivel Gun!, a 3d mobile game with augmented reality feature. Jason studied at CCAD.
  • Bakamo Studios - Developer of Thong Girl for PC and Mac.
  • Ganbaru Games - Developer of several released mobile puzzle games in Columbus OH.
  • Smiling Cat Entertainment - game developer Brian Paulus' company.
  • MooseMouse Media Inc. - Shawn McInerney is an artist, animator and game developer in New Albany. Creator of 60 Second Sling, Smash'm, Big Time Racing, and a 3D multiplayer racing game, Smash Da Gas.
  • MidGames - creator of successfully Kickstarter-funded game Scope Creep, Lee Allen is from Mt Vernon.
  • Corey Snyder - Columbus-based iOS/Android developer with 2 released games: Zombie Ops and Zombie Holiday.
  • Dioram - Columbus developer of the free downloadable puzzle platformer game Tigris Mythos.
  • Funky Visions - Dublin, Ohio mobile game developer since 2009, with 6 games on iOS and Android. Uses Corona SDK extensively for cross-platform development. Run by Doug Davies.
  • Soulfire Software is an 7-person team in Columbus creating games and apps for XBox 360 Live Indie and mobile devices since 2008.

Cleveland, Akron / Northeast Ohio

Blue Frog Gaming, from Akron, they've developed a number of games since 2007 featuring themes such as sports, samurai and science fiction.
Flipline Studios - Developer of numerous browser and mobile games including Papa's Pizzeria, since 2004.
  • Square Shooters is the first deck of cards on dice, also available on iPhone. Owned by Heartland Consumer Products, LLC based in Lakewood.
  • Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator - by Thom Robertson
  • Unword for iOS, developed by G&G Games from Husdon.
  • Realms of Fortune is a first person open world RPG for Android and Windows, developed by Clayton Lilly from the Cleveland area.

Cincinnati / Southwest Ohio

indiePub Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Zoo Games) - Publisher, developer and distributor of digital interactive entertainment software.
  • Loreful, LLC, founded in 2012, is running a Kickstarter for their 3D role-playing game Ambrov X. Their team members have AAA game experience, such as Lead Game Designer Ben Steel who previously worked on Guild Wars 2 and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, and Jennifer Brandes Hepler, a professional game writer who has worked on Dragon Age.
  • Electric Crow Games, LLC raised $90k for its kickstarted MMORPG Greed Monger, at 3X its goal. Based out of Cincinnati, they also have an interactive fiction and a mobile app in the works.
  • Sara Gross - Game and comic artist and designer from Loveland. Creator of the dark, Midwestern graphic novel Menagerie and artist for Cook, Serve, Delicious! Also the organizer of the area Indie-Sent Exposure meetup group.
  • Terence Lee is a full-time game developer from Cincinnati who also made the music and sound effects for DustForce, a 2D side-scrolling platformer available on Steam. Currently programming on an FPS rogue-like game.
  • WhatIfSports - Online sports simulations and fantasy-style games, owned by News Corp. Digital Media.
  • Jolly Crouton Media is the creator of Splotches, a colorful, splattery puzzle game for Windows PC.
  • Anthony Abrams has developed several games under IdeomotorFX and FlamingHammer Games.

Athens / South / Southeast Ohio

Northwest Ohio

Astrogun Studios LLC is the creator of Cider, a top-down 3D mythic sci-fi action-adventure game being developed for all platforms. Owned by Xander Davis, former designer for Activision Blizzard, THQ, Vigial Games and other game studios, on games such as Transformers: War for Cybertron and Darksiders 2. Recently moved back to his hometown in Ohio.

Resources / More Information

  • Ohio has tax incentives for developing video games! You can get a refundable tax credit that equals 25 percent off in-state spending and non-resident wages and 35 percent in Ohio resident wages for "interactive games", "videogames" and "any format of digital media", even though it's called The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit.
  • Did you know game development qualifies for the R&D tax credit? Read more about this here.
  • Ohio has 3 of the top 40 US cities in video game spending, Cincinnati coming in at number 8.
  • If you're making games in Ohio and want to promote local development, take pride in your state and list your location on your website. Please also link to this site with our logo to build our state-wide community of game devs and show the world that Ohio is a great place for developing games!
  • Have you made games for a company, or directly onto a distribution source, but don't have your own web portfolio of your work? Please make one ASAP, even if it's just a simple page with screenshots of your work. You'll be able to promote your skills and products in the marketplace, and tell the world that there's talent right here in Ohio!
  • Let us know if you know of any developer from Ohio that should be on this list. We are interested in game studios, developers, artists, publishers, reviewers, game-related artists and musicians, but not video game retail stores. We'd love to hear from any devs in Toledo, Dayton or Athens to represent more parts of Ohio.

About Us

The Ohio Game Developer Association is a not-for-profit association of people in the video game industry, including professionals and amateurs. Our goal is to put Ohio on the map as an active, growing, and successful state for video game development. We want to bring the state's game dev community closer, to share ideas, collaborate, encourage and inspire each other. We strive to build awareness of the existing industry here, to grow the business and attract interest to our state's games throughout the world. The association is open to developers, artists, musicians, publishers, reviewers, marketers and educators.

The Association is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with the following board members: Steve Castro, Chris Volpe, Jim Pickett, Wesley Adams, Devin Moore. We also want to thank Todd Barchok, Alex Jonas, Seth Paxton and Stephan Smith for their help planning and promoting the Expo.

We're planning to launch an OGDA Representative program soon in order to have regional points of contact for getting involved in local game development communities in cities around Ohio, like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Athens.